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Echidna Tribe Recreation has begun!
June 10th, 2022, ??:??:?? ?? by JustDoom
The recreation of this site has started! I watched a video a while ago and learnt about who JTE was and what they did. It was cool and interesting. Around the same time I became interested in the history of the game, mainly the history of Minecraft server software. I was checking out this site on and noticed it was up for sale so I decided to buy it and over time recreate the original site as much as I could! The first page (that isn't this one) I have started on is the crafting one here. I made a discord for the server archiving I and a few others are doing as well. Here is the invite. Check the about page for more info!

New Minecraft server
January 08, 2010, 08:03:57 PM by JTE
I'm programming a new server in C with extensive Lua scripting support. That's the news.

It should fix all of the current server's problems, particularly being threaded and efficient, and supporting way more things than my Perl script ever could. I was hoping someone else would have done something by now, but nothing has been shared with me. Since I'm on my own, I'll program my own.

The Archives has forgotten me. Their login message (which is still a cruddy text block instead of actually happening upon login) is overzealous about their relationship with World of Minecraft, ranting about how they're "the two greatest servers ever joined forces!1" and whatnot. Eh, I don't need it. Before BOTH there was me, and I'm still here, you'll see.

I don't know if I'll be selling this one too, or if I'll just run one giant server for everyone. I may well do just that. I have the resources.

As for the actual features? I'll list them later, when I open it to the public. I don't want to give away my plans this time, things that no other server has done. But there will definitely be multi-map support and many games and contests to participate in. The entire world automated, and nothing can go wrong. This is the Minecraft of the future. Collaboration is optional.

And when Notch takes Minecraft in a completely different direction, and when the client on the website becomes incompatible, and EVEN IF everyone sees the end of the great pirate server era...

I'll still be here with my Rurl. No worries.